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“Picante 45” wins the 2017 Buds & Suds Tournament!

The 2017 Buds & Suds Contractors Tournament was a great success with 105 anglers competing for Top Honors, amongst an already competitive group of friends. The action all takes place out of the East Cape with Hotel Buenavista being home base for fishing activities. With water temps in the low to mid 80’s, and Air … Continue reading ““Picante 45” wins the 2017 Buds & Suds Tournament!”

October Is Tournament Time!

October is Tournament Time, and it all begins this season on October 15th with the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament! The Los Cabos Billfish is a great start to October as we head into the Bisbee Tournament Series. The Bisbee Tournament series begins with the lil Bisbee’s followed by the grand daddy of them all, The … Continue reading “October Is Tournament Time!”

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