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Fishing Reports

Last minute fishing report..... Bites on fire!!!!

February 20, 2020

Air: HIGH….. 80F / LOW….. 68F
Water: SEA OF CORTEZ 71 – 73 F / PACIFIC 70 – 72 
Humidity: 56%
Wind: ONO 5 mph
Fish Available: Striped Marlin & Dorado
Today’s Date: February 19th, 2020
Daily Fishing Report:

Last minute report!!!!

We are going to end this month with a hot fishing month…

Cabo San Lucas is one of the best places to enjoy deep sea sport fishing. The waters here are filled with big game catches; right now anglers are catching a ton of fish. There is an abundance of Striped Marlin up to 5 per boat per day and you can find some Dorados.

The fishing here is incredible, the last three days was fantastic and the best thing it´s the fishing are close to port and the ocean is flat.

The 8 hrs fishing charters have been producing better results for the anglers but the half day are still allowing for a good action.

The best fishing areas was Lighthouse, 95 and 1150 for the Striped Marlin and Dorados.

The overall catches just in 3 days fished reflected 54 Striped Marlin and 9 Dorados.

Picante 45 45’ft CABO Express released 7 Striped Marlin

Caliente 45 45´ft CABO Express released 6 Striped Marlin

Picante 40´ft Tollycraft released 4 Striped Marlin and boated 3 Dorados

Picante Express 32´ft CABO Express released 9 Striped Marlin and boated 1 Dorado

Salsa 35´ft CABO Express released 8 Striped Marlin and boated 2 Dorados

Picante Expresso 31´ft CABO Express released 5 Striped Marlin and boated 1 Dorado

Picante Dream 35´ft Flybridge released 4 Striped Marlin

Picante Pride 36´ft CABO Express released 5 Striped Marlin and 1 Dorado

Cisco 35´ft CABO Express released 6 Striped Marlin and boated 1 Dorados

If Marlin is on your bucket list now in the time to hook up a big one in Cabo and collect a great memories with your group or If you just want to come and have a great day with an awesome memories for you or your family or friends right now it´s a great time to come and fish in Cabo.

Total Catch: Striped Marlin 54 & Dorado 9
Hotspots: Lighthouse, 95 & 1150
 Top Boat: Picante Express 32´ft CABO Express
Captain: Fernando Rodriguez
Angler: Derrin Binder
Caught: 5 Striped Marlin
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