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Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report June 4th, 2019

June 5, 2019

Air: HIGH….. 75F / LOW….. 65F
Water:  Sea of Cortez 72 – 80 F / Pacific 72 – 68 
Humidity: 70%
Wind: SO 7 mph
Fish Available:  Striped Marlin, Blue Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Roosterfish, Wahoo, Dorado, Yellow tail
Today’s Date: June 4th, 2019
Daily Fishing Report:

You know you want to catch some striped marlin, so what are you waiting for?! Maybe you're feeling spring, or maybe you need a break from the ordinary. Maybe you just want to get away from it all. Either way, we'd love to take you out on the water and show you a great time here in Cabo. The fishing is unbelievable right now fishing here in Cabo San Lucas, the water temps are finally starting to heat up and we start seeing more number of Striped Marlin., this first week of June the number of Striped Marlin are more consistent that 3 weeks ago, the rest of the fish are in between season so you can still get luck and find Roosterfish, Dorado, Wahoo and Yellowfin tuna. Come relax and experience the ultimate thrill of a Cabo fishing adventure above one of our luxury fishing charters

We start with the tournament season and the first one was the ILTTA (International Light tackle tournament association) on his 79th Anniversary will be heald June 3-7, 2019 , and we´re we are participating with 5 vessels Express, Salsa, Dream, Cisco and Pride.

We going to start this report with “Salsa” our most popular boat a 35’ft CABO Express released 17 Striped Marlin by Santa Maria and released 1 Dorado and 2 Yellowtail by the Lighthouse.

Express a 32’ft CABO Express released 6 Striped Marlin by 1150, Picante Expresso our 31’ft CABO Express released 3 Striped Marlin.

Picante a 40’ft Tollycraft release 4 Striped marlin by La Ballena, Cisco a 35´ft CABO Express released 11 Striped Marlin.

Dream our 35´ft Flybrige released 9Striped Marlin by 1150 and released 1 Roosterfish and 1 Yellowtail by the Lighthouse.

Picante Pride our 36´ft CABO Express released 14 Striped Marlin and boated 1 Yellowtail., and our nice red 45´ft CABO Express “Caliente 45” released 4 Striped Marlin.

Get out of the ordinary and come to Cabo for a memorable fishing vacation unlike anything you'll find in the states. Picante Sportfishing has knowledgeable captains, crews, and the world renowned charter fleet ready to take you on the adventure of your life. What are you waiting for? Click or call today and let us show you why we're head and shoulders above the other Cabo San Lucas fishing companies.

Total Catch: Striped Marlin 53, Dorado 1, Roosterfish 1, Yellowtail 4
Hotspots: Lighthouse, 95, 1150, Santa Maria
 Top Boat: Salsa 35´ft CABO Express 
Captain: Alex Collins 
Angler: ILTTA Tournament
Caught: 12 Striped Marlin 
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