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Striped Marlin Fishing in Cabo

Learn all about fishing for Striped Marlin in Cabo San Lucas

The striped marlin can be found in Cabo San Lucas thanks to its tropical temperatures and being in the Pacific Ocean. The striped marlin hangs out near the surface to hunt for smaller bait fish. The unique thing about striped marlin is they travel in schools, in contrast to the other marlins which are solitary. Because of their social nature, striped marlin can be caught in succession. The easiest way to tell a striped marlin from a blue marlin is their dorsal fin, which will match it's body depth in height.

It is one of the most sought after game fish, in part due to how exciting it is to reel one in. They fight, fly, and leap when on the line. Cabo San Lucas is the "marlin capital of the world", and they can be caught year round, and are especially abundant in the milder months. 

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