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October Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

September 18, 2019

Marlin fishing

As summer turns to fall in Cabo San Lucas, the fishing is heating up. October is the heart of Cabo Marlin fishing season, with Black Marlin and Blue Marlin taking center stage for Cabo anglers. Excitement fills the air as we gear up for fall tournaments this year. Everyone is getting their team together and hoping to reel in their winner from the glittering seas off of Los Cabos. Here’s everything you need to know about October fishing in Cabo San Lucas, Marlin fishing, and tournaments this month.

Black Marlin

Black Marlin fishing in Cabo San Lucas during October is excellent! These big billfish are extremely fond of the waters surrounding Baja, and can be found not far from shore. The Black Marlin can be found in Cabo from May through December, and are always on the hunt for smaller fish that are in abundance here. You’ll be able to get their attention with live bait as well as dead bait because they’re always looking for a convenient meal.

When you get a Black Marlin hooked up, get ready for a fight. You want to keep them as close to the surface as possible from the get-go. If you can keep the Black Marlin on their toes, they’ll put on a show with their aerial jumps. Take early advantage with the Black Marlin, so you can land them quicker and add more to your day of fishing or tournament tally.

Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin fishing in Cabo San Lucas during October is very good and a popular choice for anglers looking for big thrills on the water. Another large member of the billfish family, the Blue Marlin is always on the move. Thankfully, they make Cabo their home for several months from the summer through the fall. Look for them offshore where they enjoy hunting for their choice of squid and smaller fish like tuna and dorado. If you come across a group of smaller fish, there could be a Blue Marlin close by waiting to share in the action.

Cabo Blue Marlin are second in size to the Black Marlin, but don’t think they’re any less of a fighter. The Blue Marlin will go on runs to depths further than a Black Marlin will. They have tons of energy, and you’ll want to let them expend plenty before you try to land a big blue. If you’ve got the big one on the line during a tournament, get comfortable with the fighting chair and settle in for the long haul. Blue Marlin in Cabo San Lucas have tipped the scales at nearly a thousand pounds!

October Gamefish (Tuna and Dorado)

Aside from billfish, Cabo fishing in October is great for gamefish like tuna and dorado. We have amazing yellowfin tuna fishing in Cabo from spring through the end of the year as they enjoy the feeding opportunity found here. October is a great time for Dorado as well and may be found offshore near the top where it’s warm and they feed successfully.

Tuna and Dorado are some of the most exciting fish in Cabo San Lucas to target. They have lots of speed and fight, and will put on a show with their aerial leaps when on the line. Tuna and Dorado are in the mix this October tournament season in the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament and the Bisbee’s East Cape Offshore.

Tournament Fishing

October Fishing in Cabo San Lucas would not be complete without some of the most anticipated tournaments of the year. First up this month we have the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament put on by the Los Cabos Tourism Board. It’s five days of fishing and festivities hosted by the Playa Grande Resort. Categories include blue marlin, black marlin, striped marlin, yellowfin tuna, dorado and wahoo and sailfish.

Register by October 13th and meet at the Cabo marina on the morning of October 14th for an exciting week of competition.

An October favorite is the Bisbee’s Los Cabos Offshore which features two days of fishing starting October 17th. The “Little Bisbee’s” is a great introduction to Cabo tournaments with a smaller entry fee and tons of great categories and jackpots. Fish for marlin, sailfish, tuna, and dorado and celebrate with your team at Maria Corona.

Maybe the most talked about October Cabo tournament, the Bisbee’s Black and Blue, begins on October 22nd. This tournament hosts some of the top anglers from around the globe who return each year for their shot at the big jackpots Bisbee’s Black and Blue is known for. This tournament is all about the marlin obviously, so if you’re looking to put your strength and prowess to the test, be sure to get your team together for this great event. Hosted just steps from Picante’s location in the Puerto Paraiso Mall, get registered by October 22nd and gear up for the 8:00 AM shotgun-start the following day. This tournament has lots to offer with great competition and huge rewards in tons of categories.

One of the Best Times of Year

October fishing in Cabo San Lucas is as exciting as it gets, with amazing opportunities for marlin and other gamefish. October is one of the best times here because these species can enjoy feeding and the temperate waters off of Cabo San Lucas. If that weren’t enough, October tournaments are some of the best of the year offering all anglers something to look forward to.

Ready to get your October Cabo San Lucas fishing trip going? Get in touch with us today to have Picante help you plan your fishing trip. We look forward to showing you why October is one of the best times to go fishing in Cabo San Lucas!

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