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Dorado Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

January 12, 2020

Cabo San Lucas is one of the most sought after sportfishing locations in the world, and makes the bucket list for anglers of all skill levels. With so many fish to choose from, you might be wondering which species to go for while you’re down here visiting. In this blog, we’ll be breaking down a Cabo San Lucas fishing favorite: the mighty Dorado.

Dorado Facts

Dorado, also known as Mahi-Mahi, are a one of kind fish species. They are one of only two members of the dolphinfish family, which are characterized by flat, narrow head and single dorsal fin. Lucky for dorado fishing fans, the species is on the rise, and they have taken to the tropical waters of Cabo. The dorado can reach almost one hundred pounds, and is known to have a striking appearance in color and shape.

When and Where to Fish for Dorado in Cabo San Lucas

Dorado fishing is available year-round in Cabo San Lucas. Some times of year are better than others however; summer and fall have the highest dorado availability. After a good rain, you’ll be able to find plenty of dorado near the new sea debris in the water. Dorado can also be found at the popular Cabo fishing spots like the 1150, Golden Gate Bank, and San Jaime Bank. If you’re lucky, even a day of inshore fishing can yield a stray dorado catch, as they occasionally follow the smaller fish close in.

Dorado Fishing Tips

Dorados can be found near floating sea debris, where they are looking for small fish to feed on. Use medium weight tackle and bait to get the their interest. One technique for dorado fishing is to cast and make a skipping motion with your bait. It’s all about getting the dorado’s attention, and convincing these intelligent fish to give a bite. Once hooked, the action begins! The dorado’s strength and speed will be on display, and they are also known to put on a show with aerial jumps and flips, so you must be on your game.

Dorado Fishing Charters

If you’re interested in coming to Cabo San Lucas for a dorado fishing trip you won’t soon forget, be sure to go with a charter company that will make the most of your time on the water! An experienced crew and captain can help you get on the fish, and have up to the moment knowledge about all things dorado fishing in these parts. Our captains are always happy to accommodate groups of all sizes, age, and experience levels.

As you can see, Picante Sportfishing is one of the most experienced and reputable charter companies in Cabo San Lucas. We’re committed to your satisfaction! Check out our fleet page for more information on which charter is right for your next dorado fishing adventure!

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