History of Cabo Tournaments

Back in the 70’s at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, was this unknown sleepy fishing village called Cabo San Lucas. Today Cabo San Lucas is known around the Globe as the most prolific fishing grounds, to test your skills against World Class Anglers. Cabo San Lucas has become synonymous with “Big Game Fishing Tournaments.”

It all started with the 80’s with Bob Bisbee, when he and a few friends started the Bisbee’s Black & Blue Tournament. At the time it was called the “Calcutta Big Fish Tournament.”  It was an instant success as everyone saw that the fishing was spectacular, and the location was a dream.

Today, there are many Tournaments to choose from with all types of entry fees to accommodate Anglers. You don’t have to be a seasoned angler to win, just have enough passion with a little luck on your side.

Entry fees start in the low hundreds while the biggest money tournament “The Bisbee’s Black & Blue” will set you back over $70,000, if you opt to enter across the board. Picante Sportfishing began its winning ways by taking Top Honors at the Bisbee’s Black & Blue, with a record Blue Marlin (993lbs) which still stands to this day.

Here are some of the Tournaments that we recommend which have become the cornerstone of Cabo San Lucas showing why  it’s the Marlin Capitol of the world! At Picante we have won over $4.6 Million in Tournament earnings for our customers, which is why we say “Fish with the Winners!

We look forward to seeing you during the 2018 Tournament Season.




triple crown of fishing cabo

Dates pending for 2018

The Pelagic Triple Crown of Fishing held in Cabo, known as the “Cabo Summer Slam” is an affordable Tournament with prizes and awards estimated at over $100,000.

This is a Team Event that targets Striped Marlin, Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, Dorado, and Wahoo! This is an excellent Tournament for all Anglers with entry fees that are easy on the wallet. There’s plenty of competition and prizes for everyone.

General Tournament Rules: There are four (4) divisions: Billfish Release, Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, with awards being presented to teams and anglers for their performance by releasing the most aggregate billfish points (Striped Marlin, Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Sailfish, Swordfish, and Spearfish), this is all Release captured on video by each team.

The other categories are won by weighing the heaviest two-fish total of each gamefish species (tuna, wahoo, Dorado) during the two-day tournament.

In the inaugural Cabo Summer Slam Event “Team Picante” aboard “Picante 45” took 2nd Place overall in the Billfish Division while filming “Beyond Lands End’ for the World Fishing Network. You can watch the episode here


stars and stripes tournament

June 28 – July 1st, 2018
The Stars and Stripes fishing and golf tournament was established in 1996 and has quickly become the largest fundraiser of the year for one Southern California Big Brothers and Big Sisters club.

In addition to serving the youth of Orange County, Stars and Stripes also gives back to the communities of Cabo San Lucas donating modern medical equipment and new ambulances.

While this Tournament is not about fierce competition, it’s more about a passion for community and people. At Picante we can’t think of a better reason to bring people together here in beautiful Cabo San Lucas.

Each year this event comes to an amazing conclusion highlighted with big name bands, and a super celebration under the stars of the Cabo sky. It’s an event with all the right reasons to get involved.


bisbees east cape tournament

July 31st – August 4th, 2018
Part of the Bisbee’s Bluewater Cup Series

The East Cape Offshore Tournament is seen by many as a warm up for the big one… The Bisbee’s Black and Blue Tournament!

As boats come from around the globe for the “Big One” they might as well try their luck, and work out the kinks so here it is.

Hosted at the Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort, the event started in 2000 and marked its 15th anniversary in 2015. Each year over 60 teams gather at the East Cape in August to kick off this unique tournament which is full of excitement and drama at the scales. In 2012 we saw 61 teams and 350 anglers compete, with the top fish being a 262lb yellowfin tuna setting a new record for an East Cape fishing tournament.

This tournament brings back that classic old feel of Cabo and its early days of a sleepy fishing village that became a tournament juggernaut.


los cabos billfish tournament

October 14th – 18, 2018
Presented by the Los Cabos Tourism Board this one of the most highly anticipated Tournaments of the year as they are quickly approaching 20 years of competition.

Last year’s winner stood at the top of the leaderboard with a decent check, while the Third Place winner took home a boatload of cash. That’s how a lot of these Tournaments work so it pays to go “All In” when paying your entry fees.

The Los Cabos Billfish Tournament is a three-day big-fish team event with honors going to the team that tallies the most points per pound. Top three Teams take the cash, but remember there are different jackpot levels

A trophy and a smaller cash prize are awarded to the boat releasing the most billfish. The 2012 event was won with a 487lb black marlin that swept the daily jackpots, levels one thru three.

Total winnings for team “Bill Collector” was $167,877 USD, along with an invitation to the 2013 IGFA Offshore World Championship to be held in May in beautiful Quepos, Costa Rica.


bisbees los cabos tournament

October 18th – 21st, 2018
The “Lil Bisbee’s” as it’s known here in Cabo is the second of the Bisbee’s Billfish Series. The Bisbee’s Los Cabos Offshore Tournament takes place a few days prior to the multi-million dollar “Bisbee’s Black and Blue.”

Many teams use this as a warm up to the Big One taking this time to perfect their strategy, and get familiar with the pelagic fishing grounds that Cabo has to offer. It’s the perfect “pre-fishing” opportunity.

Entry fee for the 2017 Tournament are affordable with a Base entry of $1,500 and $12,500 for an “All IN” entry.

On average 80 teams will register for this Tournament with $500,000 in prize money up for grabs. Teams assemble from around the globe to participate in this Billfish Series so when taking a shot at the Black and Blue, this Tournament is a must!


bisbees black & blue cabo tournament

October 23rd – 27th, 2018
The Grand Daddy of them all has paid out millions in its 30 year history with Picante taking top honors in its humble beginnings. Today the paychecks are much bigger as the amount of boats and anglers have risen.

Usually around 125 + boats are competing for the big paycheck. The biggest payout in Bisbee history stands at $3.9 Million in 2006 with Team Bad Company taking top honors. Picante still has the record for the largest Blue Marlin at 993 lbs which was one big fish! Stop by the shop to see a King Sailfish mount of this prize winning beauty.

What’s it cost to enter? At the 2017 Bisbee’s Black and Blue plan on spending $71K USD to be “All IN” and take your best shot at the prize! Base entry is only $5K per person, so about $20K for a Team of four (Boat not included); and if you make the leaderboard you’ll be smiling like many of our customers have been for over 20 years!

This is known globally as the Superbowl of fishing, and is a must do on your bucket list!


cabo tuna jackpot

November 6th– 8th, 2018 
The Los Cabo Jackpot is the last one of the year to test your skills against the best of the best. In 2015 Picante splashed its new Mag Bay Yacht to see how it would do against the fierce competition here at Lands End.

This is a two Day contest so it’s hit or miss and it’s over. Well late on Day two “33 Magnum” pulled in a 181lb Yellowfin Tuna for 3rd place, BUT…

Remember what we said about going “ALL IN”, well 3rd place paid out $242K USD while 1st and 2nd took home around $50K. Always pay your jackpots is our best advice!

This Tournament is young at heart, but keeps gaining momentum, as this time of year the Tuna are running hot in the waters off Cabo San Lucas. This time of year as the water continues to change, the Finger Bank has become an interesting point of destination with its risk versus reward. A few weeks after the 2016 Tuna Jackpot several 300lb Yellowfins were pulled from this legendary fishing spot.

Either way the WON Tuna Jackpot Tournament just keeps getting bigger and better. We see this becoming one of the most popular Tuna Tournaments ever in a few short years!

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