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Day One of the 2011 Bisbee Black and Blue Marlin Tournament Brings in a Variety of Marlin Sizes


19 October 2011 Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico Bisbee Black and Blue Tournament Report from Picantesportfishing.com

This year’s Bisbee Black and Blue Marlin tournament consists of 101 boats with 537 anglers. These guys are some great fishermen and we expect the tournament to be exciting.

It all started out with a Blue Marlin coming to the scales onboard the Steel Hookin’ that tipped the scales at a disappointing 280 pounds.  That is below the minimum 300 pounds so that puts the team score at a score of – 65.

The next fish to the scales a short time later turned out to be a qualifying fish. It tipped the scales at 395 pounds for the Tiger Spirit team. If this fish holds out to be the winner it could bring in $2.5 million. But it is still early in the tournament and there is lots of fishing time left.

At 3:00 Bad Medicine brought in another Giant Blue Marlin. This one tipped the scales at 409 pounds. That put them in the lead with the biggest fish so far today. But Bad Medicine wasn’t in all the daily jackpots so Tiger Spirit stands to win some big money at the day’s end.

And the day ended on a sad note, the team on Reel Energy brought in a fish that only tipped the scales at 201 pounds. Not even close to the 300 pound minimum and they were penalized 223 points. Hopefully no one else will bring in such a small fish during the tournament. More tomorrow on Day 2 of the Bisbee Black and Blue 2011.