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Official Results and Prize Money Winnings at the 2011 Los Cabos Billfish Tournament

15 October 2011 Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Tournament Report from picantesportfishing.com.

It’s all over but the celebrating. And yesterday’s standings held the test and it is official now. Chupacabra and their 543 pound giant Blue Marlin are the first place winners with the biggest fish. Their first place team money amounted to $47,500. They also won the Days 1 through 3 Daily Jackpots and the Winner-Take-All Marlin Jackpot. That brought their winnings to a whopping $364,764.25. They had, what is called, a great tournament.

Angelina I’s 408 pound big Black Marlin held in at second place. Their Black Marlin won them $28,500 and they won the largest Black Marlin category for an additional $14,250 bringing their total winnings to $42,750. Two other marlin were brought to scale, but didn’t stand up to the 300 pound minimum.

First Place Billfish Release Category was won by Picantesportfishing’s own 45 foot Cabo Express yacht, Picante 45. They held the top place with 1100 points. $9,500 was their winning for release category. And they also took the Third Place Team winnings of $19,000 bringing their total winnings to $28,500.

Following in Second Place Billfish Release Category was the team from Go Deeper with 1,000 points. And Third Place Billfish Release went to Miss Behavin’ with 1,000 points.

In the tuna category the results were real interesting. Lots of big tuna have been caught in the Cabo area this summer. And there will be plenty more. And some nice fish brought to the scales this tournament.

The first place winner was a giant Yellowfin Tuna of 240 pounds caught by the team on the Fisherman. The Second place team was onboard the Karma 3 with their 216 pound Yellowfin Tuna. Picantesportfishing’s long time friend Bob Manroe and his son Kyle along with Picante’s Captain Brincos were part of that team. Third place went to the 135 pound Yellowfin Tuna caught by the Zhao.

In the Wahoo division the first place winner was 39.3 pound Wahoo caught by the Wildcatter. The second place fish was a 27 pound Wahoo, again, brought in by the team on the Karma 3.

Red Rum weighed the tournament’s winning Dorado at 28.5-pounds, taking all three Daily Dorado Jackpots.

Ending with a quote from the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament, “In all, the Cabo San Lucas 2011 tournament season started off with a an impressive showing, as the tourney fleet of 42 boats weighed a 543-pound blue marlin and 408-pound black marlin, and successfully presented video of 51 billfish caught and released — two black marlin, seven blue marlin, 16 striped marlin and 26 sailfish.”