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Monster Yellowfin Tuna Takes the Lead in the Gamefish Division of the 2011 Los Cabos Billfish Tournament

13 October 2011 Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Tournament Report from picantesportfishing.com.

Day two of the 2011 Los Cabos Billfish Tournament was a beautiful day. It was sunny and the temperatures were, again, in the low 90’s Fahrenheit with a slight breeze out of the west. The humidity was in the high 60’s. The water temperatures were in the mid 80’s Fahrenheit and the moon is 96% full.

The first fish of the day was a 25 pound Dorado that just made the 25 pound cut off limit. The Cabolero was the first boat to weigh a Dorado during the tournament.

Just a few minutes later the Red Rum brought a Dorado to the scale and it tipped the scales at 28.5 pounds to beat the Dorado from the Cabolero. It seems like most boats were targeting the billfish, as was expected and only caught Dorado as a bonus. The fish weren’t too big, but a winner is a winner and a daily jackpot can pay out some big money.

The next fish weighed was a Wahoo. It, again, wasn’t a large fish, but it scored big as it was the only Wahoo weighed in the first two days of the tournament. At only 27 pounds it was still a winner. It was brought to the scales by the Karma 3, which scored yesterday’s biggest Yellowfin Tuna at 216 pounds.

Then came the fish of the day. It was not only the biggest fish of the day brought to the scales, but was the largest Yellowfin Tuna of the tournament so far. Yesterday’s giant Yellowfin Tuna of 216 pounds which was expected to win the largest tuna of the tournament, but it was passed by a monster Yellowfin Tuna of 240 pounds brought in by the Fisherman.

Sometimes we find it hard to remember that all fish are good and it doesn’t take a giant fish to win a tournament. As fisherman we have to respect that the fact that we don’t always catch big fish. All fish are a gift from the fishing gods and we should be thankful.