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2012 IGFA Offshore World Championship Finals

17 May 2012 Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico. 2012 IGFA Offshore World Championship Final Results. Tournament Fishing Report Courtesy of PicanteSportfishing.com

It’s confirmed, “Cabo San Lucas is the Undisputed Marlin Capital of the World.” With almost 400 Striped Marlin caught during the first three days on by 47 teams from over 20 countries, a new tournament record was set. Annually in Cabo San Lucas the winners of 150 IGFA events are invited to compete in what has been called the most prestigious tournament in the world.

The first three of days of the tournament were record breaking days for the number of fish caught by 47 boats. As many as 15 fish were caught by one team in one outing. Numerous other teams boated more than 5 fish per day. The first two days were some of the best fishing Cabo has seen in a while. Consider that a lot of anglers were nervous the first two of days of the tournament and still 291 Striped Marlin were released. Some amazing numbers considering that many of the fishermen had never fished in Cabo before. Surely some credit goes to the captains and crews for the large numbers of fish caught.


On Day three things changed. The  cold water from the Pacific was being pushed up against and around the tip of the Baja Peninsula and was pushed up to the Gordo banks. Water temperatures were in the high 70's Fahrenheit on the first two days of the tournament. Then on day three the water temperatures dropped to the low 70's and the fishing slowed down. Everyone was hoping that the catches would hold up and they did. Then day four hit with even lower temperatures at Gordo Banks where the water dropped down around 68 degrees Fahrenheit and the wind picked up. Things were looking grim for the tournament as only eight fish were released. Even the first place team couldn't seem to score any points.


The winners of the tournament are the following:

First Place            2012 IGFA Offshore World Champions

Second Place     Master Dolphins Fisherman

Third Place          7th Campeonato Int de Pesca Grossa de Portimao.


The top anglers:

Hernando Gonzalez

Luis Lorenzo Arballo Castillo

Julian Plasencia Muro


The top captains:

Luis Abaroa

Ricardo Escamilla

Eduardo Cesena of the Team Picante

(Team Picante had 3 of the top seven captains)


Congratulations to all the anglers and crews and especially to the anglers and crews of Team Picante.


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