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2012 IGFA Offshore World Championship Day 2

As the Water in the Sea of Cortez Heats Up the Striped Marlin Fishing  is Going Ballistic

14 May 2012 Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico. 2012 IGFA  Offshore World Championship Day Two Results. Tournament Fishing Report  Courtesy of PicanteSportfishing.com


There is only one word to describe the fishing here in Cabo this week,  and that word is spectacular! We are on course to possibly some new  records. We thought yesterday was a great day with forty-seven teams  releasing 144 Striped Marlin. But today was even better with the same  number of teams releasing 167 Striped Marlin. Almost every boat has  released Striped Marlin. That's 304 Striped Marlin caught by 47 teams  in just two days.

Right now the conditions are getting even better as the Pacific is  holding around 62 degrees Fahrenheit and the Sea of Cortez is in the  high 70's to low 80's Fahrenheit.(See caboweatherchannel.com) The  colder water on the Pacific is driving the fish to the Cortez side of  the Baja peninsula. And with the warm water in the Sea of Cortez  creating a temperature break near the Gordo Banks the Striped Marlin  are piling up.

striped marlin

It's like going to a dinner line. At the temperature break there are  squid, baitfish and then the Striped Marlin. And depending on how the  water temperatures shape up tomorrow, it could be an even better day.
cabo marlin

So at the end of the day the leaders are, for day two, Master Dolphins  Fisherman Team which made a great comeback from a slow day one;  followed by the 2012 IGFA Offshore World Champions and in third for the  day 39th Annual Bluewater Tournament team with 2000 points.

And the overall first three places are IGFA Offshore World Champions,  followed by Master Dolphins Fisherman, then 39th Annual Bluewater  Tournament team. And there are still a few other teams within striking  range. This could be one of the most exciting tournaments in recent  history.

Cabo San Lucas attracts fishermen from all over the world and you can  see why. People often come to Cabo when their vacations are due. Keep  an eye on this tournament and then decide to come to Cabo this year  when the fishing is exceptional.