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2012 IGFA Offshore World Championship Day One Results.

2012 IGFA Offshore World Championship Starts Out with Some Real Action as the  Striped Marlin Bite and are Doing Some Dancing of their Own

14 May 2012 Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico. 2012 IGFA Offshore World  Championship Day One Results. Tournament Fishing Report Courtesy of  PicanteSportfishing.com

Today was the first day of the 2012 IGFA Offshore World Championship and what a  day it was! Hopes have been high since the Striped Marlin bite has been so strong,  and it turns out that today has been one of the best days the tournament has had  in quite a while. In fact it has been a great day with 47 teams consisting of 209  anglers, releasing 144 Striped Marlin. The hook-up conversion rate was a whopping  80.45%. That is some really amazing fishing. Here is another amazing fact, the  average number of billfish per team is 3. That is great fishing anywhere. Consider  that these are fisherman from all over the world and they are not all used to the  type of fishing that is most affective here. And, of course, there is the nerve  factor. Even seasoned fishermen get nervous during such a prestigious tournament.  But with the advice of the captains and mates and the cooperation of the large  number of Striped Marlin this tournament is going to go down as one the of best  ever.
Here are the unofficial leaders on Day one:
2010 IGFA Offshore World Champions with 2200 points. At 200 points a fish that  means that they landed 11 Striped Marlin. They are followed by two teams with 1400  points each, San Carlos Cantina Cup and XV Torneio de Marlin Azul do Rio de  Janeiro. Then tied for third place with 1200 points each are 7th Campeonato Int de  Pesca Grossa de Portimao and 39th Annual Bluewater Tournament.
The official results will be announced later as all the catch videos have to be  reviewed. That means some real busy people. Tune in tomorrow for more reports or  visit www.picantesportfishing.com for daily summaries.