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2012 IGFA Offshore World Championship

IGFA 2012


12 May 2012. Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Report by www.Picantesportfishing.com

The 2012 International Game Fish Association Offshore World Championship is starting up this weekend. There are plenty of great prizes and lots of prestige for the fishermen. Everyone is already a winner since to be invited to compete in this tournament you have to have won a qualifying IGFA tournament and be invited to this tournament.

There have been some rule clarifications to make the tournament easier to police. This year the rules state that each team gets a different boat each day and has to use that captain to keep it a level playing field. Circle hooks are to be used on any natural bait. Twenty-four dead baits are being supplied to each boat, but the boats can fish for their own live bait using the required 30 pound Momoi Hi-vis fluorescent yellow line.

This year there are 46 teams representing more than 20 countries participating in the tournament. The real excitement will start tomorrow night with the rules briefing and boat draw followed by the kickoff dinner. From Team Picante and all the Picantesportfishing.com employees,

Good luck to all the participants and crews. And as can be seen in the photo: Bienvenidos.


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