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2011 IGFA Offshore World Championship Day Three

11 May 2011. Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Fishing Report Courtesy of Picante Sportfishing http://www.picantesportfishing.com

Here it is day three and the fishing is still holding on. No game fish were weighed today as everyone is really focused on billfish. The weather is holding up nicely as it usually does this time of year. That is one reason Cabo fishing is usually so good. The winds for tomorrow are again predicted to be out of the East and that should keep the water good and warm. Wind speeds are supposed to be around 12 mph. And again with the warmer water in the Sea of Cortez the boats will probably be heading out to the Gordo Banks.

Today has been just plain out hard fishing for Striped Marlin. There were the same number of Striped Marlin caught today as yesterday, but there were more Pacific Sailfish and a Blue Marlin. There are a few teams that seem to be doing the majority of catching. But right now the race is between the “IGFA Offshore World Champions 2010” team from Cabo and the “Islamorada Fish Club Captain’s Cup Sailfish Tournament” team from Florida. The “IGFA Offshore World Champions 2010” team from Cabo released 9 Striped Marlin today while the “Islamorada Fish Club Captain’s Cup Sailfish Tournament” team from Florida released 6 Striped Marlin. And the other teams aren’t that far out of reach.

Looking at the scores it looks more like it is a battle between Hernando Gonzalez of the IGFA 2010 World Offshore Champions 2010” and team members Sam Worden, Hunter Barron, Glen Miller and Frank Juliano of the “Islamorada Fish Club Captain’s Cup Sailfish Tournament.”

So now it’s time for the cream to rise to the top. Only one day is left and there aren’t too many points separating the leaders or even the other teams when you realize that one Blue or Black Marlin or Swordfish is worth 2 ½ times as many points as a Striped Marlin. So good luck to all the anglers and we have to wait to see who wins this year’s tournament.


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