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IGFA Offshore World Championship Day Two 2011

10 May 2011. Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Fishing Report Courtesy of Picante Sportfishing http://www.picantesportfishing.com

Last night the clouds rolled in and stayed around all night. And it was still cloudy this morning for the start of Day Two of the 2011 IGFA Offshore World Championship. Eventually the skies cleared and it got hot. The winds have shifted from the East to the West at around 12 mph. That makes the Pacific side of the peninsula rough. And with that wind colder water is moving down the peninsula. So most fisherman were fishing near the Gordo banks on the Sea of Cortez side of the peninsula.

This tournament has been a good one for swordfish. Two have been landed and another one spit the hook. And the Striped Marlin are biting better today. Other game fish have been cooperating with the anglers. Today the heaviest Dorado was a nice fish at 37.60 pounds. It was caught on board the “Picante Dream,“ Picante Sportfishing’s 35 ft. Cabo Flybridge by the Italian team,” Trofeo Circolo Nautico Sambenedettese”. Then the “Rising Sun,” another yacht in the Picante Sportfishing Yacht Fleet, brought in a 43.50 pound Wahoo caught by “60th Ernest Hemingway International Billfish Tournament” team whose members are from Russia. Fishing in Cabo San Lucas paid off for both teams who are leading in their respective categories.

Giant Yellowfin Tuna IGFA

Then came the big surprise for the day. The excitement was high for the Swordfish that were caught, but the Yellowfin Tuna that came in was a bigger surprise. The team from Brazil, “Torneio De Marlin Azul do Rio De Janeiro” fought, for 199 minutes, and landed a giant Yellowfin that tipped the scales at 226.2 pounds. It was one big Yellowfin Tuna that would have won some recent tuna tournaments. These guys won’t soon forget their trip to the IGFA Tournament and fishing in Cabo San Lucas.

Now, to the standings after day two. After a great day of fishing in Cabo San Lucas the leaders have changed. First place is shared by the local team,” IGFA Offshore World Champions 2010” with 1800 points. And the other team tied for first place is from the other side of the continent. The “Islamorada Fish Club Captain's Cup Sailfish Tournament” team from Florida is doing well fishing in Cabo San Lucas with 1800 points.

In second place is the “N'Gor Marlin Cup 2010” team from Dakar, Senegal with 1700 points. They were in first place at the end of day one and their catch of a Swordfish keeps them in the running.

In third place is ”IGFA Offshore World Championship2010-2nd Place” team from the Bahamas, another Atlantic Ocean team, with 1600 points.

Now with the wind expected to shift again from the East bringing with it more warm water, the anglers, hopes are high that the fishing in Cabo San Lucas, the home of the IGFA Offshore World Championship, will again heat up and even more fish will be caught.


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