Picante Sportfishing

Picante on Cutting Edge of New Technology

The Picante, Chosen as First Yacht to Use New Technology


Now on to some new technology that is being used. Live GPS tracking and
live cameras at the scales and onboard the Picante, the 40 ft.
Tolleycraft, live streaming video of their fishing day. You can see what
it is like to troll for big marlin and what it is like to hopefully,
fight a giant marlin right on your computer. Here is a little about the
technology right from the Off Shore Live Broadcasting website,

"Virtually every other sport had been able to evolve into a mainstream
element of society for one primary reason—the capability to be televised
and/or internet broadcast in a live, play-by-play format. This was true
with the NFL when NFL Films™ introduced "real-time spectator
opportunities" outside of the stadium and brought them into the living
rooms of the world. The same is true for NASCAR.

The "non-spectator sport" barriers that have hindered the sport of
offshore tournament fishing for the past 50 years have now been
shattered. "Sportfishing is now able to create its own individual team
"heroes" who are corporately sponsored." Tournament organizers also have
the capability to step outside of the previously limited box with
regards to corporate sponsorships since million person-plus viewership
translates to heightened levels of corporate interest and involvement.

In 2010 Offshore Live Broadcasting is making its debut at the 30th
Anniversary of the Bisbee's Black & Bue Marlin Tournament in Cabo San
Lucas. What better place to launch this revolutionary advancement than
at the World's Richest Fishing Event! In 2011, contracts will be
available to great teams and tournaments world-wide."


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