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Haley has a Birthday Dream

Haley has a Birthday Dream, and on the Picante Dream it comes true!



Cabo San Lucas, Mexico September 30, 2010 Report by Team Picante, Picante Sportfishing. This was the week for Haley’s Dream to come true. The weather here in Cabo has been hot and the fishing has been hot, too. Haley Bauer is a birthday girl from Vancouver, Washington. Her parents Pam and Greg Bauer honeymooned in Cabo in 1987, and have been travelling down to the end of the road for its fishing and great weather, at least once a year. They love the warmth and good fishing down here. So for Haley’s 21st Birthday they asked her what she wanted to do special. She said, “Dad, It’s always been my dream to go deep sea fishing in Cabo.” Well, I am sure Pam and Greg had a hard time agreeing, since they like to come down here so much. So they packed up their bags and invited Haley’s boyfriend, Dustin Ho, to join them. I’m sure he had a hard time saying yes to that question.

So Greg came into the Picante Sportfishing office and talked to Rosalio Salas. Greg told him about their party and Rosalio suggested the 35’ Cabo, Picante Dream. Pam told me that, “…Greg picked the boat called “The Dream.” How lucky could we have been?” How true were her words! They had some luck in hooking up a Striped Marlin, but they lost it. Then Haley got a bonito and then a Dorado. She was having a really good day. And then next fish she hooked up to was a big tuna. She fought it a bit, but it was a little too much for her to handle. So, her father Greg (who had already caught a Dorado) took over and landed the fish. It was a hard fight. They knew the fish was big and when they got back to the dock it was weighed at 150 lbs. That’s one nice tuna! It weighed way more than Haley!
Then, as luck would have it, another dream fish hit and it was Haley’s boyfriend, Dustin Ho’s, turn on the fighting chair. Well this one took even longer to land. About three hours of hard fighting, as a matter of fact. The fish was at the boat a few times and then sounded to the depths to be battled up again. Finally he landed the fish. And it turned out to be even bigger than the other. When they got back to the docks it weighed in at 190 lbs.! It was huge Yellowfin tuna, by anyone’s standards. Dustin excitedly had said, “..it was a chance in a lifetime!” Not a bad fish for his first time deep sea fishing in Cabo.
They didn’t land the marlin they were hoping for, but who can argue with over 150 pounds of prime sashimi, sushi, ceviche or just thick tuna steaks. They will be eating well for a long time. Maybe later this winter they will let us know their favorite ways to cook up their fish. So continuing happy birthday for Haley and her family and boyfriend as they will have memories of not just landing big fish, but enjoying the fish that they battled so hard for.

As Pam said, “How lucky could we have been! The captain really knew how to drive a boat and the deckhand really knew how to fish!!!!!"

“Thanks so much for everything, enjoyed the pictures.  Haley already wants to come back.  Picante made her 21st birthday and our vacation very special… Thanks again you guys are great! A trip we won't forget.....Can't wait to come back!”

Thanks to Captain Pablo “Palin” Cesena and mate Daniel for their assistance in making memories and dreams come true on Picante Sportfishing’s 35’ Cabo, Picante Dream, for the Bauer’s to cherish for a long time to come.


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