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Smith's Put Caldwell back on the Map

Teamwork Brings Picante Sportfishing Customers, Jerry Smith and son Jerry, to the Spotlight.


Big Blue Marlin caught by the Jerry Smith's



Their name may be a common, but there story is anything but common.


Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Picante Sportfishing, 17 July 2010. Ever heard of Caldwell, New Jersey? Maybe not. How about this? Caldwell was the birthplace of Grover Cleveland, 22nd and 24th president of the United States. Here’s another interesting fact, Caldwell was the childhood home of Johnny Sylvester. Sound familiar? How about Babe Ruth? Does that help ring any bells? Well, Johnny was the kid that had fallen off a horse, got kicked in the head and was seriously ill. You may have seen his story in the 1948 movie The Babe Ruth Story. Somehow two baseballs were sent to him, one that had been signed by the Yankees and the other by members of the Cardinals. Anyway the story goes that “the Bambino” somehow promised to hit a home run for Johnny. And the story also goes that he hit 3 home runs in the 4th game, in the 1926 Baseball World Series.

Caldwell, today considered to be a suburb of both Newark and New York City, was ranked 3rd best place to live in New Jersey by New Jersey Monthly Magazine’s 2010 rankings. Its population is reputed to be about 7,000 citizens.

So, you ask, what has all this to do with Cabo San Lucas Sportfishing. Well, step forward Jerry Smith and Jerry Smith III. They are the latest two Caldwellites to have some very good luck. And this story does have to do with fishing.

It seems that the two Smith’s were walking around the Cabo San Lucas Marina in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, Mexico, and had a meeting that would change their lives. They were walking just in front of Picante Sportfishing’s Cabo Marina office, around 7:30 AM, when they were approached by salesman, Tony Cabrera, from Picante Sportfishing. Tony offered to show them a boat that he thought would suite the two of them for their Cabo San Lucas fishing adventure. They talked for a bit and Tony took them onto the docks to show them one of Picante’s Picantito fleet, the 24 foot Shamrock, Picantito III. They took a look and liked what they saw and decided to book the trip. So Tony set them up, got their lunches together and they were on their way before 8:00 AM. They planned on only spending 3 to 4 hours out fishing.

While out trolling for Marlin, they had caught two Dorado, a 25 pounder and a 15 pounder. They told us that just before they caught the first Dorado they had seen a white butterfly or moth flying over the water. Is this the start of just another fishing story? Maybe, but as fate would have it, on their way back to the harbor, they saw a second white moth. And then, they hooked the fish of a lifetime. They hooked and landed a 500+ pound Marlin. That is one nice BIG FISH. This was Jerry’s first marlin and young Jerry’s first offshore trip and his first Dorado. What a treat for both of them. That’s a couple of firsts that will be remembered for a long time to come.

Here is how the Marlin story went. After 1 ½ hours into the fight they had to make a decision. They knew the fish was big and wanted to try to land it. So they decided to use a second rod and reel to help. They hooked up the fish with the second line. They were lucky to have a local fisherman, Ruben, on board to help with the fight. They took turns fighting the fish and trying to recover. Jerry said it was a real team effort with Captain Francisco Acevedo, Ruben, young Jerry and himself all fighting the fish. At one time the fish had just about spooled Jerry and Ruben helped him by pulling up line by hand so he could get a little more line back on the reel. It took an additional hour and a half to finally get it close to the boat. Young Jerry also helped by driving the boat.

They had battled with the fish for hours. Unfortunately, sometimes fish that large don’t make it thru the stress of the fight so the fish was landed after 3 ½ hours of grueling lifting and reeling. It was a long battle, but they were, to say the least, ecstatic.

Here is an excerpt from their post fishing interview. Tony says “That was a great decision this morning!” Jerry Smith’s reply to Tony, “You talked me into going fishing with you (Picante Sportfishing) and I’m glad you did. Thank you!”

I bet all the students at Washington Elementary, where young Jerry goes, will be jealous of this one.

So Picante Sportfishing would like to congratulate the Smith’s, folks with a common name, on an uncommon catch.


Also published in the newjerseyhills.com "Progress" and Los Angeles Times Outposts, July 22, 2010, as Father and son land memorable souvenir sportfishing off Cabo San Lucas.


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