Picante Sportfishing

Big Marlin are Back


Welcome Back to the “Man in the Blue Jacket!”

Cabo San Lucas, Picante Fleet, Week of 21 to 28 June. After all the ups and down of the last few months it looks like we are settling into the Summer routine. With baitfish not being around and the Striped Marlin bite being on and off, it has been a disappointing spring. Lots of Striped Marlin have been seen sunning on the surface, but few seemed to have been interested in lures or live bait. Some boats reported seeing a dozen marlin on the surface, but only one or two were interested in well placed live bait.

It was just a matter of time before the Blue Marlin made their way to the underwater mountains surrounding the Baja peninsula. With water temps in the low 80’s and deep blue in color this was the week that it happened. June 23 started it off with Picante’s Cabo 35 footer “Salsal leading the way. Captain Juan Carlos “Brincos” Lopez at the helm and deckhand Hugo put the Turchin family on a nice Blue Marlin, estimated at about 400 lbs. The fish took some coaxing, but finally took. And then it put on a show with some great runs and jumps. After about an hour and a half the fish was released. Great show and nice catch for the Turchins.


Also, Captain Emiliano Arenas and first mate Pedro, aboard the “Picante 45”  put the Sherman family onto some real fishing memories. Before lunch they caught and released 2 Blue Marlin.


marlin picante 45


Both were about 225 lbs and put on a real show. And they were both firsts for both anglers. Some Cabo Sportfishing at it’s finest.


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