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Team Picante Wins Again!!

2 May 2010 Conasintra Tournament: Picante Fleet’s 45’ Cabo Express “Chaos” wins big!

Onboard were Captain Ivan Gomez, his brother, Jesus Gomez, Daniel Delbosque and Jimmy Diaz. They were fishing and not having much luck when they noticed that Jimmy had some bananas on board. Well, there are numerous superstitions about bananas on board a boat and even some superstitions about suitcases on crab boats. Some of the stories date back to the 1700’s and even earlier and from such far away places as Hawaii and the Caribbean. So anyway when they noticed that Jimmy had the bananas on board and they weren’t catching any fish they threw the bananas overboard and true to superstition they instantly hooked up with a Dorado. Not long after that there were other hookups. By throwing the banana overboard they broke their bad luck and also threw the skunk out of the boat at the same time.

Their catch netted them winnings totaling $83,500 pesos. Their largest Dorado won them 1st place in the Dorado division and they also had the 1st place Wahoo. The rest of their catch, another Dorado and a couple of tuna added to their final numbers. It was pretty good timing on getting rid of the bananas just in time to win the big money. Congratulations to Captain Ivan and his crew.


Fishing bait while trolling brought the fish up to take their offerings and win 1st place in the Dorado division with a 48 lb. Dorado which brought them $60,000 Pesos and then an additional $10,000 in the Jackpot. Their 1st place Wahoo got them $10,000 pesos in the Wahoo division and $3,500 in the Jackpot. The Wahoo was caught on their lucky __________ green lure. I was told that if I mentioned the name they would have to put me on a boat full of bananas.

Again, Team Picante scores another win!


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