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2012 IGFA Offshore World Championship Finals

17 May 2012 Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico. 2012 IGFA Offshore World Championship Final Results. Tournament Fishing Report Courtesy of PicanteSportfishing.com

It’s confirmed, “Cabo San Lucas is the Undisputed Marlin Capital of the World.” With almost 400 Striped Marlin caught during the first three days on by 47 teams from over 20 countries, a new tournament record was set. Annually in Cabo San Lucas the winners of 150 IGFA events are invited to compete in what has been called the most prestigious tournament in the world.

The first three of days of the tournament were record breaking days for the number of fish caught by 47 boats. As many as 15 fish were caught by one team in one outing. Numerous other teams boated more than 5 fish per day. The first two days were some of the best fishing Cabo has seen in a while. Consider that a lot of anglers were nervous the first two of days of the tournament and still 291 Striped Marlin were released. Some amazing numbers considering that many of the fishermen had never fished in Cabo before. Surely some credit goes to the captains and crews for the large numbers of fish caught.


On Day three things changed. The  cold water from the Pacific was being pushed up against and around the tip of the Baja Peninsula and was pushed up to the Gordo banks. Water temperatures were in the high 70's Fahrenheit on the first two days of the tournament. Then on day three the water temperatures dropped to the low 70's and the fishing slowed down. Everyone was hoping that the catches would hold up and they did. Then day four hit with even lower temperatures at Gordo Banks where the water dropped down around 68 degrees Fahrenheit and the wind picked up. Things were looking grim for the tournament as only eight fish were released. Even the first place team couldn't seem to score any points.


The winners of the tournament are the following:

First Place            2012 IGFA Offshore World Champions

Second Place     Master Dolphins Fisherman

Third Place          7th Campeonato Int de Pesca Grossa de Portimao.


The top anglers:

Hernando Gonzalez

Luis Lorenzo Arballo Castillo

Julian Plasencia Muro


The top captains:

Luis Abaroa

Ricardo Escamilla

Eduardo Cesena of the Team Picante

(Team Picante had 3 of the top seven captains)


Congratulations to all the anglers and crews and especially to the anglers and crews of Team Picante.

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2012 IGFA Offshore World Championship Day 2

As the Water in the Sea of Cortez Heats Up the Striped Marlin Fishing  is Going Ballistic

14 May 2012 Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico. 2012 IGFA  Offshore World Championship Day Two Results. Tournament Fishing Report  Courtesy of PicanteSportfishing.com


There is only one word to describe the fishing here in Cabo this week,  and that word is spectacular! We are on course to possibly some new  records. We thought yesterday was a great day with forty-seven teams  releasing 144 Striped Marlin. But today was even better with the same  number of teams releasing 167 Striped Marlin. Almost every boat has  released Striped Marlin. That's 304 Striped Marlin caught by 47 teams  in just two days.

Right now the conditions are getting even better as the Pacific is  holding around 62 degrees Fahrenheit and the Sea of Cortez is in the  high 70's to low 80's Fahrenheit.(See caboweatherchannel.com) The  colder water on the Pacific is driving the fish to the Cortez side of  the Baja peninsula. And with the warm water in the Sea of Cortez  creating a temperature break near the Gordo Banks the Striped Marlin  are piling up.

striped marlin

It's like going to a dinner line. At the temperature break there are  squid, baitfish and then the Striped Marlin. And depending on how the  water temperatures shape up tomorrow, it could be an even better day.
cabo marlin

So at the end of the day the leaders are, for day two, Master Dolphins  Fisherman Team which made a great comeback from a slow day one;  followed by the 2012 IGFA Offshore World Champions and in third for the  day 39th Annual Bluewater Tournament team with 2000 points.

And the overall first three places are IGFA Offshore World Champions,  followed by Master Dolphins Fisherman, then 39th Annual Bluewater  Tournament team. And there are still a few other teams within striking  range. This could be one of the most exciting tournaments in recent  history.

Cabo San Lucas attracts fishermen from all over the world and you can  see why. People often come to Cabo when their vacations are due. Keep  an eye on this tournament and then decide to come to Cabo this year  when the fishing is exceptional.


2012 IGFA Offshore World Championship Day One Results.

2012 IGFA Offshore World Championship Starts Out with Some Real Action as the  Striped Marlin Bite and are Doing Some Dancing of their Own

14 May 2012 Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico. 2012 IGFA Offshore World  Championship Day One Results. Tournament Fishing Report Courtesy of  PicanteSportfishing.com

Today was the first day of the 2012 IGFA Offshore World Championship and what a  day it was! Hopes have been high since the Striped Marlin bite has been so strong,  and it turns out that today has been one of the best days the tournament has had  in quite a while. In fact it has been a great day with 47 teams consisting of 209  anglers, releasing 144 Striped Marlin. The hook-up conversion rate was a whopping  80.45%. That is some really amazing fishing. Here is another amazing fact, the  average number of billfish per team is 3. That is great fishing anywhere. Consider  that these are fisherman from all over the world and they are not all used to the  type of fishing that is most affective here. And, of course, there is the nerve  factor. Even seasoned fishermen get nervous during such a prestigious tournament.  But with the advice of the captains and mates and the cooperation of the large  number of Striped Marlin this tournament is going to go down as one the of best  ever.
Here are the unofficial leaders on Day one:
2010 IGFA Offshore World Champions with 2200 points. At 200 points a fish that  means that they landed 11 Striped Marlin. They are followed by two teams with 1400  points each, San Carlos Cantina Cup and XV Torneio de Marlin Azul do Rio de  Janeiro. Then tied for third place with 1200 points each are 7th Campeonato Int de  Pesca Grossa de Portimao and 39th Annual Bluewater Tournament.
The official results will be announced later as all the catch videos have to be  reviewed. That means some real busy people. Tune in tomorrow for more reports or  visit www.picantesportfishing.com for daily summaries.


2012 IGFA Offshore World Championship

IGFA 2012


12 May 2012. Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Report by www.Picantesportfishing.com

The 2012 International Game Fish Association Offshore World Championship is starting up this weekend. There are plenty of great prizes and lots of prestige for the fishermen. Everyone is already a winner since to be invited to compete in this tournament you have to have won a qualifying IGFA tournament and be invited to this tournament.

There have been some rule clarifications to make the tournament easier to police. This year the rules state that each team gets a different boat each day and has to use that captain to keep it a level playing field. Circle hooks are to be used on any natural bait. Twenty-four dead baits are being supplied to each boat, but the boats can fish for their own live bait using the required 30 pound Momoi Hi-vis fluorescent yellow line.

This year there are 46 teams representing more than 20 countries participating in the tournament. The real excitement will start tomorrow night with the rules briefing and boat draw followed by the kickoff dinner. From Team Picante and all the Picantesportfishing.com employees,

Good luck to all the participants and crews. And as can be seen in the photo: Bienvenidos.

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Second Place Big Blue Marlin Takes the Big Jackpots to the Tune of over $1.1 Million in 2011 Bisbee Black and Blue Marlin Tournament

23 October 2011 Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico Bisbee Black and Blue Tournament Report from Picantesportfishing.com

Last night was the big awards banquet. It took place right here in the marina right in front of Picantesportfishing.com’s office.  The winners were just what were expected from the daily totals.

And here is how it went; first place was Angler Luis Arballo and his team aboard Bad Medicine. Their big fish was a Blue Marlin of 409 pounds, which was caught the first day and their total winnings were $394,090.


The most interesting winners were Tiger Spirit team, because they were in all the big daily jackpots. Their 395 pound Blue Marlin made their 2nd place winnings rocket to the sum of $1,162,842.50. Catching the biggest fish has its rewards, but being in the right jackpots can really pay off. They also won an offshore trip to Panama.

Third place went to Pegasus, part of the Picantesportfishing.com fleet, and Vicente Rangel. Their 329 pound Blue Marlin netted them $283,752.

Fourth place went to El Lobo and their 313 pound Blue Marlin weighed in on Friday. They took home a cool $259,745 in prize money.

In the release divisions the winners were Hammertime, $47,791; Big Time, $16,543 and third went to Reel Energy for $9,190.

Ending with a quote from Wayne Bisbee, tournament director, “… we are the big enchilada of sportfishing, We’re the World Series, Super Bowl, and Triple Crown all rolled into one wet and wild ride.”

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